Precision is a high priority for Brian Klaas, Inc., especially during the pre-installation phase of each project. Cabinets are leveled and doors and drawer fronts are pre-installed in the shop to establish proper margins, such as 3/32 inch gaps. Moldings can also be pre-installed prior to delivery to insure proper scale. Beautiful panels are created with specialty machinery like the resaw that cuts thick boards into thinner boards with precision matched grains.

Exotic Woods and Specialty Finishes

For truly custom cabinetry, you need to know all your options. Brian Klaas, Inc. uses an extensive selection of exotic woods and limitless specialty finishes for your one of a kind vision.

Hand Work

Hand planes and razor sharp chisels are century’s old tools still used every day at Brian Klaas, Inc. Because wood is a product from nature, irregularities are not uncommon. Matching wood panels may require meticulous trimming that is best done by hand.

Hand Carved Detailing

The ability to create hand carved elements to exact specifications distinguishes Brian Klaas, Inc. from the competition and elevates fine wood to art.

Brian Klaas Inc Beauty