The Cabinets

Regardless of the size and scope of the job, the cabinet boxes are always made the same way, with strength and precision. Glue, nails and screws are all used to join parts. Top rails are solid 1 ½ inch material to provide support for fragile countertop materials like marble and onyx.

The Doors

Many cabinetmakers buy their doors from other companies. Brian Klaas, Inc. builds cabinet doors in house to maintain the highest standards of quality and to control lead time. Frame and panel door joints are secured using mortise and tenon joinery with additional wooden dowels for extra strength.


Techniques used by woodworkers for thousands of years, such as mortise and tenon and dovetail joinery along with modern techniques like the use of Lamellos and pocket screws insure structural integrity.


Plumb, level and square, three essential words for a job done right. Using modern tools, such as laser levels and precision German levels, along with time proven methods like string lines, every installation is meticulously executed. Hidden elements like sliding cabinet backs into dado slots and putting cleats behind the cabinet backs also adds to the strength while maintaining the beauty.